Free IP Subnet Calculator for Windows

Free+IP+Subnet+Calculator+for+Windows+ Free IP Subnet Calculator for Windows

The FREE IP Subnet Calculator is a very easy to use tool for calculating, printing and saving, IP subnets.

Version 1.0 supports the following features:

* Calculate prefix, mask, subnets and hosts based on IP address and any of the former
* Display class, network, broadcast, first host and last host for current IP address
* Calculate list with network and broadcast addresses and valid host ranges for all subnets
* Save list of all subnets to TAB delimited text file
* Print list of all subnets in network
* Recognizes Private addresses
* Recognizes APIPA addresses
* Recognizes Loopback addresses
* Recognizes Supernets
* Always on top ‘pushpin’
* Show binary results

Download here (640kb)
(requires the .NET 2.0 Framework)